The author rowing a boat, donning a fabulous tweed

Hi! My name’s Mark Wubben. I’m a humanist & technologist who loves working with the web. In the above picture I’m wearing a fabulous Irish tweed cap. You could send me an email.

Living in London (the English one) I enjoy the local craft beer scene, as well as Scottish single malts. You might spot me riding an white / orange Brompton bike. You’ll definitely see me at a Hawksley Workman or Buck 65 gig. Priority podcast listens are This American Life & The Talk Show.

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Skills & Background

I’ve been working with the web professionally for over ten years. Initially a front-end engineer I’m now interested in backend systems, JavaScript tooling and product development. Learn more about my skills and background.


I maintain several smallish Node.js modules and Babel plugins. I wrote a Let’s Encrypt / ACME client named wilee. I’m also building Buoyant: a framework for building distributed systems using the Raft Consensus Algorithm.

I’m part of the team behind AVA and a collaborator on Istanbul, primarily through my contributions to nyc, the Istanbul CLI.

Back in the ES5 era I wrote a small ecosystem of functional promise-based libraries.


I provide consulting services through my company, Initial Commit Ltd. Find out more.


I post the occasional tweet or photo. I’m on GitHub and Keybase.