My name’s Mark Wubben and I’m a thinker / builder based in London, England. I hail from the Netherlands but also spent a few years in Copenhagen. Cycling is a given.

I program for the Web, building APIs, isomorphic web applications, security systems and more. I predominantly code with JavaScript but venture into other languages when sensible.

My favorite musicians tend to be Canadian, my favorite podcasts American and my single malts Scottish. I also enjoy loose leaf tea & craft beer.

You could send me an email.


At State I help make a better internet around what people think. It’s pretty neat and you should sign up or even join the team.


I like Promises and so can you. Legendary is my implementation.

Node.js logo

Besides Legendary I’ve built chai-sentinels, which helps passing sentinel values through your code and asserting the results with Chai. There’s thenstream to construct a Readable stream from a thenable, and sixtyfour, a set of Base64 utilities.